Young Adults

Our Youth Ministry is a source of pride for our congregation and we are driven by the Word of God. A verse from the bible is our source of inspiration:

PROVERBS 22:6 “Train a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it”


We have Five Missions:

  • Connect with God. Too many teens find ‘church’ meaningless, a simple ritual. We want to challenge this notion by introducing teens to God in a meaningful and relevant way.
  • Impact our Community. Jesus was a world-changer and so should we be. We don’t exist to entertain teenagers, but to show them that life is most exciting if one walks with God.
  • Identify with the Bible. Most teens would call the Bible just a boring old book. We believe the Bible contains the Words of Life and therefore is of utmost value, even to teenagers. We place great effort in bringing the ancient Word of God across to teenagers in the 21st Century in a meaningful way.
  • Cultivate Relationships. Teenagers are social creatures. We seek to create a Godly social circle for them where they are free from ungodly influence and free to express themselves as God’s children.
  • Create Serving Opportunities. Teenagers are gifted and God desires of us to pour our gifts into the service of His Kingdom. We therefore seek to empower teenagers to use their gifts mightily for serving God and His people.

Our Mission Statement in Summary:

Our youth ministry exists to Reach non-believing students, to Connect them with other Christians, to help them Grow in their faith, and to challenge the growing to Discover their ministry and Honour God with their life.

How do we wish to achieve these objectives?

Weeknight Bible Studies (19:00 -20:00): Studies are designed to deal with typical teenage life issues. Opportunity is created to allow discussion and comments.
Sunday Morning Bible Studies (09:00-09:45): Studies are designed to improve knowledge of the Bible whilst making it relevant to one’s own life.
Sunday Evening Worship (18:00-19:00): Singing and a lesson permeate these evenings. Opportunity is given to teenage boys to do lessons and so serve and improve their faith.
Friday Evening Youth (19:00-22:00): Every Friday there is a youth event. These evenings are designed to be entertaining but primarily to promote fellowship, evangelism and worship. Fun, singing, socialising and an impactful lesson will always be present.
Yearly Activities: Youth Camps, day outings, mission trips etc.