The Elders

The congregation has three Elders and they are the overseeing Leadership of the congregation.

They are:

Don Griessel

Derick Otto

Stephen Leibbrandt 

The Minister

Our minister has been at the congregation for 19 years and after his studies at Southern Africa Bible College went on to study further


BA. Hon. - Systematic Theology - 2000

Imago Therapist in South Africa - 2008

M.Th. - Pastoral Therapy and Theology

His qualifications and studies in the Bible uniquely prepared and equipped him to serve the congregation and be an affective communicator and expositor of the Word of God. His further studies equipped him to be able to handle complex Biblical issues and systematically answer them in an understandable way from a Biblical perspective.

His Imago Therapist qualifications are best suited to assist couples in dealing with marital issues from a therapeutic method combined and an overarching Biblical Spiritual perspective. This therapy has been hailed as the most successful therapy in the world.  

He holds membership to SAAP (Southern Africa Association of Pastoral workers) He holds a specialist level 5 accreditation to this professional association.