The Bellville Church of Christ is a servant-driven congregation and strives to resemble the body of Christ. Our congregation is a place to worship together, serve each other and for those seeking the Lord’s salvation.

All christians have special spiritual gifts that are blessings to the church. Our Ministry System is where your talents can be used to the glory of God and where you will feel fulfilled by serving in our congregation.

As the Lord blesses us with a growing congregation, our workload increases. The church’s Ministry System is designed to facilitate the distribution of responsibilities evenly, enhancing spiritual growth and giving our involvement practical meaning as we walk with the Lord.


Facilitators lead our 20 established ministries. Each ministry is autonomous, operating within a mutually accountable framework determined by our congregational structure, in support of the mission of Christ. Teams continually evaluate their performance to ensure we are achieving our best for His Kingdom. We celebrate where God’s church is being served well.

Collaboration drives the success of each ministry and the Ministry System as a whole. An Action Group Committee, representative of all ministries, directs the teams and is committed to execute it's decisions to benefit the congregation.

This committee meets monthly to discuss initiatives, where and how ministries dovetail, and maintain a mutually accountable mindset. Ministers, elders and deacons are regularly consulted at these meetings.


There is place for all christians to be involved in our church. Read the description of each ministry and volunteer where you wish to serve. 

Contact the ministry facilitator for guidance.

Our passion is to engage those seeking a meaning and significance in life, by serving an awesome God, and being part of His plan for our world.


Audio Visual

To ensure all media used during our worship service is taken care of and in excellent working order.

Charles Markotter / Stephen Jnr Leibbrandt


To meet the material needs in conjunction with the spiritual needs of those who are in need.

Johan Gerber / Lee Grunewald

Church Secretary

Diarise Senior Ministers Day Books and assist day to day operations. Assist all telephonic and email enquiries regarding the congregation.

Alison Webb


To effect proper financial planning and control to meet the congregations financial needs that promote and sustain its evangelists and ministry programmes.

Bradley Dearham / Don Griessel

Fisantekraal Reading Programme

To uplift and educate the youth in Fisantekraal and the surrounding community by providing them with language skills.

Celia Leibbrandt / Alison Webb

Green Pastures Visitation

This is one of our oldest ministries and has been running since 1983.

Marietjie Manuel & Coral Sloan

Kangaroo Unit

The Kangaroo Unit is for premature babies at the Tygerberg Hospital. Aunty Pat and Uncle Bob Grahame started this Ministry in 2001.
The Unit cares for these tiny prem babies and the Mommies for up to three months. They are discharged when they weigh just over 800gms. In many cases the Mommies come in with just the clothes they are wearing and nothing else. This Ministry assists with the smallest gesture of Love.

Lee Grunewald

Kids For Christ

“Kids For Christ” is a group specially aimed at reaching kids between the ages of 8-12.

Tish Markotter & Gaynor Pienaar


To maintain and protect the material assets of the church.

Stephen & Stephen Jnr Leibbrandt 

Marriage Counselling + Therapy

To offer specialised marriage counselling and therapy to couples in and out of the congregation.

Dereck Beukes 

Morning Star

Safe environment to teach children about God, do crafts, give them a meal and assist with homework.

Dereck & Sue Beukes / Alison Webb 

NewLife Behaviour

Our vision is to teach people around the world to follow Jesus, the only true Source of hope, and be transformed by His power.

Oscar De Vries

New Members Education

To not only ensure that the church obeys the Gospel but that every new member is taught what to obey and why obeying Christ is cardinal to being His disciple

Dereck Beukes

Outreach / Inreach

To plan and execute events for the congregation as well as events that would attract and interest not only members, but also those outside of Christ.

Dereck Beukes / The Elders   

Social Media + Publications Ministry

To effect the printing and publication of materials required for teaching and other ministries.

Danelle McLachlan  

Senior Saints

To embrace senior members of the congregation and create within them with a sense of belonging.

Oscar & Dawn De Vries 

Specialised Training

Specialised Training

Dereck Beukes

Sunday School

To develop an age-appropriate Bible study programme for children aimed at confirming and cementing convictions, and to provide a well planned, coordinated and integrated programme of teaching aimed at developing a love for Jesus/God to instill spiritual values in our children.

Charles & Tish Markotter 

The Thursday Group

The Thursday Group ministry provides an environment where singles and married adults and those with young children, can explore God’s word and grow spiritually by sharing our common love for God and living a life inspired by Christ. This is accomplished through activities, which include bible classes, small group devotionals and special events.

Johan Gerber / Rohann Marais  

Tuesday Ladies Class

To provide opportunities for spiritual growth and for service to God and each other; using daytime opportunities.

Sue Beukes / Alison Webb 


Few things build a sense of family like encouraging words when you need them the most. It is hard not to be drawn together whenever your spiritual brothers and sisters go out of their way to encourage you and lift you up in times of need by making a call, sending an email or visiting. This ministry ensures that no one falls through the cracks.

Sue Beukes / Alison Webb  

Prison Ministry

To ensure that the word is not only disseminated to the lost but also that a structured approach is used to ensure that those who are accessible are visited and encouraged in the correctional centers.

Oscar De Vries / Stephen Leibbrandt 

WBS (World Bible School)

To ensure that the word is not only disseminated to the lost but also that a structured approach is used to ensure that those who are accessible are visited and encouraged in the correctional centers.

Oscar De Vries / Stephen Leibbrandt 


To promote orderly, spiritual and uplifting worship assemblies in the congregation.

Don Griessel  

Young Adults

To foster the personal and communal growth and education of young adults toward a relationship with Jesus Christ leading to Christian maturity.

Rohann & Victoria Marais  

Youth Ministry

Our Youth Ministry exists to reach non-believing students to connect them with other Christians to help them grow in their faith, and to challenge the growing to discover their ministry and Honor God with their life.

Johan & Gaynor Pienaar 


2 Edmond Rostand Road
Durbanville, 7550


Phone: +27 (0) 21 975 4405
Postal: P.O. Box 351, Durbanville, 7551